The product is applicable in scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, manufacturing enterprises for environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug testing, farm livestock and aquatic products. It is an dedicated thermostatic equipment for water analysis, cultivation and conservation of bacteria, mould and microorganism by BOD measurement, planting and breeding experiments.

Product Features

The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, the shelves can be adjusted optionally;
PMMA II operating system, precise temperature control and stable performance, over temperature alarm and self-diagnosis function;
Backlight touch button setting, with temperature and time adjustment control, easy to observe and operate;
Color LCD backlight display, accurate and intuitive display, superior performance;
With screen lock time, screen saver password setting function, to prevent operation at will;
Programmable design, it can be set 30 segments 99 cycles;
Through the air duct design Centrifugal fan makes the cold air combined with the hot air well then blown into the working chamber, it ensures the precise temperature and a better uniformity;
Observation glass inner door;
Test holes are equipped on both sides, internal diameter is 30mm;
The fan has 6-stage speed regulation, which can meet the requirements of different wind speeds and avoid sample volatilization due to excessive air volume;
With reservation and timing function;
Equipped with mechanical lock, prevents from opening at will;
Equipped with 220V power socket;
Equipped with UV light in working chamber;
Adopt imported noise reduction compressor unit, low noise, stable performance;
Power supply recovery function, data will not be lost when power failure and system halted.

Technical Parameters
Volume [L]: 400
Temp. Range [°C]: 0~70
Temp. Resolution [°C]: 0.1
Temp. Fluctuation [°C]: ±0.5
Temp. Uniformity [°C]: ±1
Power [W]: 1350
Timer Range [min or h]: 0~9999
Reservation Range [min]: 0~9999
Internal Dimensions W×D×H [mm]: 600×640×1050
Housing Dimensions W×D×H [mm]: 745×930×1695
Number of Shelves (std./max.) [pc]: 4 / 7
Load per Shelf [kg]: 15

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