Product Features
5-inch LCD touch screen,
BRIGHT I control system
Programmed multi segment parameter settings: 30 segment 99 cycle design.
Can store data for more than 10 years (non SD card storage)
Multi-level password management
Equipped with appointment timing function
The fan has 6-stage speed regulation
Double door design, observation glass inner door;
Variable frequency refrigeration, imported compressor
Equipped with one USB interface and two RS-485 interfaces
Equipped with mechanical lock
Test holes are equipped on both sides, internal diameter is 30mm;
Equipped with 220V power socket;
8W fluorescent lamp in working chamber.
Over temperature and humidity alarm, over temperature shutdown protection, door open alarm, water shortage alarm, sensor fault alarm, overload protection, leakage protection, compressor over temperature protection, automatic water replenishment function, water and power outage function
Optional: online monitoring platform, GPRS SMS alarm, embedded printer
Technical Parameters

Volume [L] 1000
Power Supply  
Ambient Temperature [°C]  
Temp. Range [°C] 4~70
Temp. Resolution [°C] 0.1
Temp. Fluctuation [°C] ±0.3(heating);±0.5(cooling)
Temp. Uniformity at 25°C [°C] ±0.8
Power [W] 1500
Timer Range [min or h] 0~9999
Internal Dimensions W×D×H [mm] 1363×670×1123
Housing Dimensions W×D×H [mm] 1505×1006×1811
Number of Shelves (std./max.) [pc] 8 / 12
Load per Shelf [kg] 15
Net weight  [kg] 340
Gross weight  [kg] 390
Package size  [mm] 1640*1180*2040


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