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name:DRYING OVEN (300°C)


Product Features

The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, the shelves can be adjusted at will;
The rotary two-stage locking structure has good sealing performance;
Four rounded corners of the chamber, the shelves are easy to disassemble and clean;
PMMA II operating system, touch keys, color LCD display of various parameters, with temperature control, timing, programming, wind speed control, over temperature alarm and other functions;
With countdown reservation function;
Programmable design, it can be set 10 segments 100 cycles;
Preheating chamber design, the air directly into the chamber after heating and mixing, to ensure rapid heating and good heat distribution effect;
Shaded pole motor and wind blade, with air convection breeze device, the air in the chamber can be renewed and circulated;
The fan has 6-stage speed regulation, which can meet the requirements of different wind speeds and avoid sample loss caused by dust;
Power supply recovery function, data will not be lost when power failure and system halted.

Technical Parameters
Volume [L]: 650
Temp. Range [°C]: RT+5~300
Temp. Resolution [°C]: 0.1
Temp. Fluctuation at 105°C [°C]: ±0.8
Temp. Uniformity [%]: ±2
Heating Rate to 150°C [°C/min]: ˃5
Power [W]: 4500
Power Supply [V, Hz]: 220±10%, 50±2%
Timer Range [min or h]: 0~9999
Reservation Range [min]: 0~9999
Internal Dimensions W×D×H [mm]: 720×650×1400
Housing Dimensions W×D×H [mm]: 865×866×1730
Number of Shelves (std./max.) [pc]: 3 / 10
Load per Shelf [kg]: 15

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